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Code Less, Launch Fast. Make it easier to monetize small products and quickly launch online

Build your SaaS

All-in-one solution to manage your SaaS business.


Simple setup

Download the source code and use the command line to start


User login

Built-in integration of Google Login, Magic Login, Email Login


Stripe/Paddle Payment

Quickly get online payment with your personal Stripe/Paddle token

Gain more insight

Use the Fast2build dev frame, you can manage every aspect of your business in one secure platform.

Simple and fast

Simple configuration can be completed in 10 minutes

Rich components

Various Tailwind CSS components, Hero, Call To Action, subscriptions, prices, FAQ, and more

Rich functional modules

Including website, account login, Magic link, Stripe payment, Mailchimp subscription, Supabase database, membership system, etc

Complete source code

Complete code, including front and back, database, etc., more custom development

Backed up by real data

With more and more templates and components, more and more users





Support Tickets


How it works

How to use it quickly

3 steps to quickly open the use of Fast2build, quickly online


Get the source code

The source code package includes various components such as the website, user login functionality, payment processing, and subscription management.


Personalized configuration

Refer to the instructions to configure the homepage, Google login, Stripe payment, etc


Quick release online

Once configured, the source code can be released to a hosting platform like Vercel to go live

Simple Affordable Pricing

Simple fixed pricing. 30 days money-back guarante


The best SaaS template to start with


Get Started

Source code download and update

Complete documentation

Professional customer service


Updated continuously for one year


Get Started

Source code download and update

AI ChatGPT Integration

Complete documentation

Professional customer service

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